pg.el - emacs-lisp interface to postgresql

pg.el - emacs-lisp interface to postgresql

About pg.el

pg.el lets you access the PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS from Emacs, using its socket-level frontend/backend protocol.


You can download the newest version of pg.el here.


Only some of the most important features are mentioned here:
  • easy to use interface to postgres
  • fully written in emacs-lisp
  • communication with postgresql over sockets
  • supports authentication (md5)
  • capable of automatic type coercions from a range of SQL types to the equivalent Emacs Lisp type.


The original implementation and maintainance until version 0.10 came from Eric Marsden (emarsden AT

Later some major improvements in speed, md5-authentication and other patches were added by Helmut Eller (heller AT

What you can do

If you find bugs or write patches for pg.el: PLEASE contact the authors!
(do not contact the autors for questions not related to pg.el)